Best Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor for Sprinkler and Irrigation System

If you wish to save your money and conserve water, good rain sensors are the affordable solutions for you. However, selecting a best rain sensor for your sprinkler and irrigation system can be challenging. A rain sensor determines whether or not ample amount of rainfall has occurred in order to skip the irrigation cycle. Be it for your backyard or businesses, it is extremely crucial to install sensors that prevent your sprinkler system from unnecessarily running in the rain.

How Does The Sensor Function

When a certain amount of rain triggers the sensor, the electrical connection between the sensor and the sprinkler system controller is interrupted hinting at the activity. The sensor breaks the electrical connection only to prevent the electricity from flowing to either the sprinkler valves or to a pump start.

How To Install The Sensor

First, you must decide where to place the sensors. It should be in an open area which is specifically not obstructed by trees, roof, or almost anything else that can rainwater from getting in contact with the sensor.

In case of wired sensors, the state-of-the-art equipment needs to be generally placed near the sprinkler controller. Also, ensure that the wires are connected inside the controller’s valve wiring panel. This positioning is significant because it allows easier and faster reach to the system for the sensor to be disconnected depending on the rain activity.

The latest models usually come with two sensor wires. These need to be connected to the sprinkler controller’s rain sensor terminals. Next, connect one wire to the common wire using a nut and the other wire needs to be attached to the common terminal. Ensure that you are careful and follow the manual thoroughly before going about the entire procedure.

Types of Rain Sensor

The most common type is the one which breaks the connection with the electricity by weighing the amount of water in a rainfall collection cup. The only problem with this type is that leaves, sticks, dirt and even reptiles can make their way into this cup that does not possess a covering lid.

The other type makes use of the electrodes to determine the water collected in a collection cup. This cup, too, can face problems as various alien objects can make their way into it.

The latest rain sensors which are in high demand are the ones that contain the expansion disk device. Every time it rains, the cork disk expands. In this case, a pressure switch is utilized to break the electrical connection.

Long Term Benefits of Rain Sensors

The first and foremost benefit of using rain sensors is water conservation. With the help of the equipment, less water is wasted every time the resource is required for your turf. This will certainly make you a good citizen of the environment.

The amount of money you can save by installing sensors is incredible. But, if you are looking at spending on pumps run by electricity, be prepared to shed out a lot more.

There is a common logic that the irrigation system has a lot of parts. The lesser these parts run during rainy season, the longer the system will tend to last. Therefore, rain sensors are extremely essential in contributing to the longer life span of the irrigation system.

It may be remembered that in the past couple of months, wireless rain sensors are gaining popularity in the industry. They are certainly more expensive that the wired devices but offer easy installation and more efficiency.

Best Rain Sensor for Sprinkler and Irrigation System Reviews

Rain Bird WR2-RFC A553100 Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor

With more than astonishing ratings on online sites, this product comes in a handy package. It is very easy to install with a one-person crew. The device is very simple to use and the programming is also piece of cake. The rain sensor’s superior signal reliability ensures that water is not wasted during a storm. Like mentioned earlier, wireless sensors have become the talk of the town now and this product offers everything that is new and stylish. The wireless device contains sensor units and a controller interface. It also offers both rain and freeze sensors depending on the weather condition you are living in. Finally, it comes at an exciting price tag, worth your purchase and time.

With all said there is hardly anything missing from this device. The only drawback is that the package comes excluding the mounting hardware. But this can be easily overlooked considering the other prime features the device has to provide.

Hunter Sprinkler WRCLIK Wireless Rain-Clik Sensor System

This device is portable and will be delivered to your doorstep in a well sealed package. Its wireless rain click feature can command a controller to shut off the irrigation system right when it starts to rain. This rain click can be mounted on an eave or any flat vertical surface such as a wall or a fence. The device can be easily installed on the edge of a gutter. The entire device comes at a cheaper amount and a warranty too.

Although everything sounds nice about this device, there is still one important thing missing. The device at rare occasions fails to work efficiently and several reports of its false shutdowns have come to the fore.

Orbit 57069 Sprinkler System Hard Wired Rain and Freeze Sensor

This sensor guarantees to save water during a storm or in drought conditions and comes up with a 30 feet connection wire only to ensure that your lawn doesn’t get overwatered. The equipment’s sensitivity can be easily adjusted with five settings according to your preferences and is designed for extended use. It assures a longer life span and offers an easy one-step rain gutter mount bracket. Last but certainly not the least, it offers a freeze sensor which can be used to reduce hazards and damage to your pipes from freezing water. It also has three mounting options for better installation.

Keeping pace with the popular demands of consumers, the device offers nearly everything under the sun but misses out on some crucial features. Firstly, it is overpriced for the number of features and options it provides. It promises 24 volt sprinkler timers but if compared with other products, this figure is far lesser.

Mini-Click Rain Sensor

This stylishy designed sensor will prevent your sprinklers from wasting unnecessary water resources. It has the capability to automatically shut the irrigation system during a rain storm. The sensor automatically compensates for the amount of rainwater occurred on your turf. It comes up with a decent price tag and the other crucial features are quite relevant. It can be easily installed to any irrigation system thus cutting down on your installation charges. It is also versatile enough to work with all popular controllers. Moreover, it comes with a 5-year warranty, too. The icing on the cake is its sleek look that will hardly take any space in your backyard.

Although the product offers reliable operations and no false shutdowns, there have been instances reported of its failure. Also, it may be remembered that the equipment promises to adjust itself automatically to actuate with various rainfall quantities but many a time, it fails to do so.

Toro 53769 Sprinkler System Wired Rain Sensor

Guaranteeing to interrupt the irrigation system every time it rains, this product comes at an affordable price. It also assures to be compatible with any sprinkler timer making your job all the more easier. It also provides an exclusive feature called the Quick Clip gutter bracket which can be installed with ease. It includes 25 feet of UL rated connection wire, too. Finally, the rain sensitivity can be well adjusted from 1/8 to 1 inch. The exceptional quality is that this sensor does not interfere with nor change the current systems programming at all.

Despite receiving good reviews and ratings on e-commerce websites, this product fails to impress its target audience. The 25 feet UL rated connection wire is the major drawback of this device as several other products offer more than 30 feet.

Final Verdict

Your ultimate goal is to find a rain sensor that both fits your budget and preferences. With so many options available in the market, the final choice can get very challenging. Therefore, considering our expertise, we have suggested the best of all the above products mentioned. After calculating numerous pros and cons and features and benefits of each device, we come to a conclusion that the only rain sensor that lives up to the buyers’ expectation is the Rain bird sensor. This device comes up with two features – rain and freeze sensors. It is a value pack and is being offered at an affordable price. The most significant feature includes its wireless capabilities ensuring that your job is done faster and efficiently.


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