How to use Clay Pebbles and The Benefits Behind It

?tag=richfertilizer03-20Hydroponics systems are allowing people to grow plants and flowers with greater results. One of the methods some are using is growing with clay pebbles. The use of clay pebbles in hydroponic systems has been around for years. That’s because of vast amount of benefits it presents. They provide plants with exactly what they need […]

How to Use Rockwool as Medium and The Benefits It Offers

Many people use rockwool as a growing medium for hydroponic gardening. That’s because there are numerous benefits for growers if they learn to use it correctly. Hydroponic systems help a large amount of growers of plants and flowers all over the world. For one, they produce results several times faster than soil. It also allows […]

6 Most Common Gardening Mistakes

Are you a newbie gardener? If yes, this article is totally for you. It indicates 6 most common mistakes gardening beginners often make in their gardens. The useful information below will help you to grow better crops as well as avoid some garden problems. 1. Think too big about gardening One of the common mistakes […]

5 Best Kitchen Compost Bin Reviews: Guide and Recommendations

best kitchen compost bin

When you think about the food we eat each day and the amount of waste we toss into our trash, you could probably use about 30 percent of what goes to the landfills as compost, which means we are capable of reducing our carbon foot print more than we do. One way to ensure that […]