Poison Ivy – What Are The Best Ways To Kill?

Poison ivy is a plant known for its negative effects on human skin while providing shelter to many insects, birds and other animals. The effects it has on human being if come into direct contact, is severe inflammation known as contact dermatitis. The main ingredient that causes this irritation is urushiol. We happen to be […]

Type Of Post-Emergent Herbicide And How To Use It

Having a lawn seems a soothing idea, a green patch will make your house look beautiful, and your children and pets happy. The refreshing feeling and its striking finery will always bring a smile on your face provided nurtured with care. The basic problem with gardens or lawns is weed. It will not only take […]

Pre-Emergent Herbicide: When To Apply To Your Lawn And Garden

We always heard the saying: prevention is better than cure. In a case of weed controlling using pre-emergent herbicide could be a step towards prevention. Your summer lawn may end up all weedy but that is the best time to use pre-emergent herbicide and control all the unwanted floras that make your bed messy and […]

Weed Control: Choosing the Best Weed Killer for Your Garden

Weed killer, scientifically known as herbicide, is the well-known process which keeps the unwanted plants away from your elegantly nurtured garden. There are many types of weed-killers available in the market like chemical, organic, homemade killer etc. Some of them are “selective” that affects only some selective weed and leave the rest unharmed where the […]